Timid Tahira

Coy Chetan

Mad Maahir

Fierce Fatima.

They are quite a foursome sharing a workstation at “Beanstalk Advertising Agency”.

Fatima, the boldest of the lot, had introduced both the guys to smoking to enjoy quick and multiple breaks during the day.

Tahira abhored the idea of volunteeringly  polluting one’s lungs but felt left out. Somehow she felt, their boss, Mr Talreja, a chain smoker himself struck quite a conversation in the smoking zone of the office. One could pitch an idea or impress him if you are fortunate enough to bump into him.

Working on the creatives for a child apparel company, Tahira is the only one working dilligently. The rest of the team is notorious and rebellious.

They glory in the fact that credit will be shared by all as such.

As luck would have it, the three musketeers found their boss in the smoking zone. They started sharing the idea with him which Tahira had conceptualized pitching as their own.

Mr Talreja sitting in his Gabriella Crespi, an italian brand chair, checking on his monitor smirked and winked thanking George, his audio video vendor, for convincing him to adorn the blue soft board pin with the tiniest of cctv camera….

He just got his best candidate for the next promotion.Presenting Tahira Hussain as the new brand manager of “Highbrow Advertising Agency”

P.S.- Fabricating furniture which witness fascinating fables weaved underneath.