Jethaalal Patel (with an added “A” to sum up to number 9) owner of Patel builders, is dressed in white pants and crisp white shirt with a flying yellow canary embroidered on his breast pocket. He is wearing a coral gem in the ring finger, sitting in his office on the 27th floor of pinnacle towers just the way Mr Bhavik Sony, a renowned numerologist and a vaastu consultant had recommended.

Mr Abhishek Das, father of holistic healer, Mrs Barkha Dasgupta, has booked a 2 1/2 bhk flat at Ornate Greens, a gated community at Bhandup, the central suburb of Mumbai. Barkha isn’t liking the aura prevalent in the house. They have come to the builder’s office to rescind their decision.

Jethaalal is seeing this deal going off. He is twiddling with the long nail of his pinkie finger out of nervousness. As such post demonetization, most of his deals are not going through. 

He quips, “Arey Das Babu, all this drama and mumbo jumbo about vaastu and aura doesnt suit progressive thinkers like us. We will get what’s written in our fate. No one can change destiny. Vaastu Shastra is an old fangled phenomenon.

A staunch believer in the science, himself, Jethalal didn’t for a minute find it strange to hear the words coming out of his mouth say. He thought, “After all dhanda toh dhanda hota hain”

Sealing the deal with Mr Das, grabbing the cheque in his hand, and after handing over the keys, Jethalal punches the number of Mr Bhavik on his speed dial and exclaims,  “Motabhai- the coral gem was a gem of an idea”