Fixing himself a large JD on ice from a statement piece bar from Paris, Bijoy turned to his inner circle of friends from his batch of 2000, who he has invited to his newly designed apartment at Richmond town. He notices “The Ravishing Revathy”. Quite an eye candy during school days…and still the same. Just an eye candy.

An evening filled with jugs of wine, boisterous banter over alcohol, nebulous narratives flowed from the crazy 6.

It was an evening of realizations galore. For all. 

A totally meek Bijoy is a successful  investment banker today.

Topper Vivek is a mid level accountant with a bank.

Rishi has expectedly joined his family business of spices.

Kavita, an avid artist in school, is a software engineer…🤔.

Amongst all Anjali is a total surprise package….

Born with an asymmetrical face, Anjali’s tryst with honing of her grey matter started quite early in life.

Never liking what she saw in the mirror, she devoured books with a voracious appetite. No wonder she is today the top neuro surgeon in bangalore. Her day starts and ends with brain/neurons and glia cells. 

Its just like Anjali to indulge in some ethereal conversations..

Anjali gave one last look at herself in the belgium cut mirror above the console in the lobby of Bijoy’s apartment. She knew that she just fell in love with this image today. 

After all it was worth investing in a not so diminishing asset called her brain.

She tilted her head. Blew a kiss to herself and marched on.

P.S- An orgy of emotions is paraded in these hallowed halls.