Proud owner of a fleet of imported cars, Mr Shanay Kapoor, a car enthusiast and a business tycoon, has today come to this upscale automobile showroom to book 100 odd small cars to be gifted to his staff this Diwali. A bonus way beyond the team’s performance and company’s turnover.

Mr Aneja, senior head of the showroom, personally attends to his prized clients, especially, Mr Kapoor.

Ayesha, the receptionist, is usually a mute spectator to quite a circus that Mr Aneja indulges in while entertaining his nouveau riche clients. She is shocked to see  the scenerio change.

Being privy to the sinister information of Mr kapoor’s shenanigans behind his better half Meera’s back, Mr Aneja has subtly twisted his arms and blackmailed him into booking 100 small cars so that his target is met and he is promoted as country marketing head.Sheila Maushi, the cleaner of the showroom, a keen observer, lover of old hindi film music, quite unaffected by the mayhem and fuss created over a vehicle sale, hums, “hothon pay aisi baat mein dabake chali aayi”

P.S.- Secrets are witnessed and laid to rest at such curated Spaces.