About Us

Within us lies a world that we strive to bring to life.
We call it innerspaces.

ID Studio. Transforming Spaces Since 1993.

For over three decades, we’ve been living our dream passionately. The alternate dimension within us continues to spark creativity and inspire us to curate new spaces to life all around us.

We are Innerspace Design Studio. We are an architecture and interior design studio specialising in interior designing, architectural enhancement, space optimisation and visual rejuvenation.

We started our journey with a humble project of transforming a room measuring just 80 sq.ft. Today, we are proud to manage projects spanning over 40,000 sq.ft. And we do so with the same glint in our eyes we had back then.

Homes. Offices. Villas. Bungalows. Boutiques. Showrooms. We’ve curated them all. And we leave no stone unturned to bring your innerspace to life.

Our ID. Our Pride.

30+ Years of Expertise
1000+ Projects Completed
2 Mn+ Sq. Feet Curated
36 Cities Served
2000+ Cumulative Workforce

Our Belief

We believe in going beyond the boundaries of conventional thinking. We tap deep into the untapped dimensions of space and creativity. Our talented team of professionals work tirelessly to bring alive spaces that connect with your innerspace. We are diverse in our thinking and united by our passion. Every line, every dot and squiggle that emerges on the paper at our drawing board expresses an integral fact about who we are and what we love doing the most.

The inspiring duo of ID Studio

Purvi K

Over 30 years of experience in planning and designing spaces. in planning and designing spaces. A gold medalist from one of the most reputed institutes. A creative firepower. A sudoku addict. Supports gender equality and women empowerment. Leaves her indelible mark on every project. She loves creative writing and often shares her thoughts via her blog: www.veiwsofmysoul.blogspot.com

Santosh V

Hails from a family of reputed professionals. Excelled at academics. A talented 3rd generation designer. His passion for perfection runs deep within him. Brings along over 30 years of experience in transforming spaces. When it comes to quality and craftsmanship, he never compromises. Never misses an opportunity to explore new possibilities. Loves to take the road less travelled.


When our clients share their experiences,
innerspaces in our hearts glow.

"I couldn't be happier with the exceptional design expertise and creativity brought to my project by Purvi, Santosh and their team at Innerspace Design Studio. Their ability to transform my vision into reality was truly remarkable. Not only did they deliver an outstanding design, but they also ensured that the project stayed within my budget."

Hemant J Jhaveri

Badshah Masala

"Santosh and Purvi impressed me with the versatile design services provided by their company. They beautifully recreated my office space, giving it a professional yet comfortable environment. They also worked wonders in my home, blending style and functionality flawlessly. And when it came to my weekend home, their design expertise created a perfect retreat. "

Amit Marfatia

Electrolab (India) Pvt. Ltd.

"It gives me great pleasure to congratulate ID Studio and especially Santosh and Purvi for such lovely interior work and renovating my house so charmingly. All my family members loved it. The whole theme, designs, colour combinations etc, were absolutely fantastic. Thank you for all the fab work done, I will definitely recommend ID Studio within my network."

Sumeet Kabra

RR Global

"Purvi and Santosh are few of the finest architects I have come across. Both partners and their talented team at ID Studio have fully executed two of our Residential Projects, and I’m very impressed by their designs, creativity and their execution efforts. I thank them for all the wonderful work done and I highly recommend ID Studio for any type of interior services."

Sharad Agarwal

B S Securities
Managing partner

"I hereby put on record that our various interiors, renovation work carried out at Residence, Office and Bungalow was done by Innerspace Design Studio. The partners, Purvi K and Santosh V. have always completed all our projects on–time and to our satisfaction. Their team is very meticulous and have delivered to our expectations. We wish them success in all their future endeavours."

Suraj Saraogi

New Berry Group
Managing Director