Arundhati and Ayush’s 21 year old marriage was frozen in a time zone. Stuck in a period of unusualness and uncertainty. 

They were engulfed in a pause. Pause which lasted 7 years. They had survived or rather lived lifelessly through three 7 year itches. 

Living in a monotonous existence, their carnal desires were just that. “Desires”. Unfulfilled desires. 

Ayush and Arundhati were total opposites which is what attracted them to each other and precisely the same made them drift apart. Arundhati was quite a paradox in herself. Suffering from ocd but she could never clear cobwebs from her mind. Whereas Ayush was a total klutz visually but had a very sharp mind with immense clarity of thought. No wonder his company made a turnover of 100 crores in mere 5 years of its inception. Finally they had decided to agree to disagree on their diverse views in life…

Having attained celibacy since years now, Ayush’s gentle touch startles Arundhati tonite. With tears in their eyes, fighting immense guilt, finding solace in each other beneath the quilt, they made love on their king size bed with angel wings overlooking them. 

For once they decide to agree on their common goal of taking out their 15 year old darling daughter aditi from the drug racket that she is involved in for which she is rusticated from school….

It was time to end this catwalking of the parody of one’s differences…It was time to reconnect as a family…

P.S.- the charade ends beneath the sheets