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who we are

ID Studio, a 26 year old design firm having designed more than 850 boutique, residential & commercial interior sites and delivered more than 2 million Sq.ft across 32 cities with cumulative work force of more than 2000 labourers.

Ever since our inception, we have remained faithful to the power of an idea. Our entire gamut of integrated services are in Architectural, Environmental and Designing stem from and thrives on a clearly focused idea. Every action traces back its lineage to a thought.

This undying spirit allows us to provide you with a smart package of thought-to-finish excellence without costing you more of your time, money or energy.

Our Belief

Our belief, as a professional team and quite an energetic bunch of maverick minds, is to foray into the untapped dimensions of space and change the whole gestalt with precise aesthetics. We are diverse. We are unique. We are one. Each of us belongs to a tribe that is connected through one common creative vibe. We move in one meticulous motion of motivation. We take the challenges and convert them into results.

Quite interestingly, every line and dot and squiggle that emerges on the paper at our drawing board expresses an integral fact about what we do — creating a completely new space from thought to finish. Our collective neurons start to tic happily to encounter a challenging assignment because we believe, with each accomplishment we keep getting bigger, better, sharper.

Our Mission

Chances favour the prepared mind. And we are more than just prepared. We are a union of wishful thinkers and hopeful hard workers. Collectively, we run a mission that's prepared for the future. We take every chance and convert it into result.

Our strength

When we take up your project under our wings, we readily take care of two things for you. Your space. Your time. Of course, we never ever disregard the value of your money either.

All because we love creating a space that suits your imagination, meets your specifications, and strictly conforms to monetary and time estimation. We have mastered the art of chasing down even the scariest deadlines (the one that most of our counterparts don't even dare to look at) so efficiently that many a times our clients leave our office feeling more than just plain happy.

Our team

We at ID believe in multiplying the individual brilliance and attaining collective excellence via effective collaboration of strengths, skills and specialties. ID performs like a perfectly synchronized symphony of various experts.

We have a team that consists of Project Supervisors-cum-Designers, Technical Experts, 3D Designers, senior and junior Designers along with a highly qualified talent pool of associates that provide exceptional output in structural work for our ever-increasing clientele.


Ms. Purvi Katakia holds merit of more than 26 years of experience in planning and designing small to large projects — be it commercial, residential or mixed-use. A gold medallist from one of the most reputed educational institute, her forte is her invisible yet indelible signature style that distinguishes every project that lands on her drawing table. She’s also an avid writer who pens down her distinct thoughts on her blog: www.veiwsofmysoul.blogspot.com

Santosh V

Mr. Santosh V, a perfectionist who found his metier naturally by being born in a family of reputed professionals and of course through academic excellence. A 3rd generation designer, he imparts a rare insight to each project with his ingenious talent and a thoroughly professional approach. He has a keen eye for details and has a knack for bringing in a refreshing outlook to established design concepts and create innovative variances. He has been a bulwark and a pillar of strength, getting on the table a cutting-edge, avant-garde approach to this partnership since the past 26 years.